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Millions of people all over the globe need good strong relationships to get things done. It seems like all of us at some point in our lives have had the experience of being around that one person who seemingly knows everyone.  They remember the name of every person they run into, have some connection with the ones they just met and keep every detail right at their finger tips.  But what about the rest of us?  Even if you can remember most of those details it feels like it's the ones you can't remember that make the most difference. This is where Augi comes in.   

Most social networking services today are designed to let the user tell the world about themselves, comment and share.  Nothing is designed to help users easily store and recall later the details about the people they meet.  Our hope is to create a system that functions like text messaging a personal assistant whose job is to record all the bits of your encounters, then remember and recall those bits right when you need them.  I mean who doesn't have 2 seconds to send a quick text that says "I just met Casey at Flatbread, he works with Amit at Boise State and just moved back from Germany."  Then later on how cool would it be if you could text that same assistant and say "who is that guy who just got back from Germany?" and have the assistant text back "Casey".  

 We felt that no one really has a great solution for this.  Lots of people have come up with ingenious ways to capture information, photos, voice memos, emails to themselves and tons of other little life hacks intended to capture the info.  But what about getting that information back out, like right now, in a quick, discrete way?  How do you pull up that one piece of information, the lawyer who is a huge Red Sox fan, when the lawyer is over getting a drink?  We think that is where Augi can really make a huge impact.  And everyone we talk to seems to agree.  So now about a year after all 3 of us came together, we are ready to let people start playing around with it.  We hope you like it. Let us know what you think.   


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All the team members at Augi are currently either working full time or going to school full time, so the best way to get in touch with them is via email. We will get back with you as soon as we can, but it may be later today.  Thanks for the patience.





Jesse Ronnow

Mostly the people person, with some business background.  He has spent the majority of his professional career in banking where relationships are king.  Before his foray into finance he worked for a couple of tech start ups back in the .com days, he even wrote code for a while.  Jesse is a husband and father who loves to be outdoors with his kids, friends and anyone who fly fishes.  



University of Utah
2005 BS Economics

Brigham Young University
2018 MBA

What he likes

• Family, Friends, U of U Football, Fly Fishing
• Hiking, Backpacking, Trail Running, Mt. Biking
• Building, creating and doing.... stuff

How he helps

• Boise Valley Economic Partnership
• Idaho Technology Council




Casey Kennington 

Casey is the mad scientist, minus the mad, behind Augi.  He is currently an assistant professor of Computer Science at Boise State University where his primary research area is intelligent spoken dialogue systems. He earned his PhD from Bielefeld University in Germany.  In addition to being an international man of mystery, Casey was the first person with the actual computer science chops to say to Jesse "Yeah, I think we can do that".  Without that fateful meeting at Flatbread right after he repatriated, Augi would still be living on the pages of a Moleskin notebook.   



Bielefeld University - Germany
2016 Ph.D Linguistics 

Saarland University - Germany
2011 MS Computational Linguistics

Nancy 2 University - France
2011 MS Cognitive Science

Brigham Young University
2007 BS Computer Science

What he likes

• Running, Cycling
• Hiking, Backpacking
• Reading, Writing
• Speaks English, Japanese, German & French

How he helps

• Casey is active in STEM projects across the Treasure Valley 




Dan Kondratyuk

Dan Kondratyuk is a programmer and mathematician that enjoys a fresh challenge—be it a math problem, a physics puzzle, or software architecture quandary. He earned his Bachelor's in Computer Science from Boise State University, and specializes in artificial intelligence research.



Saarland University - Germany
2019 MS Computational Linguistics 

Charles University - Prague
2018 MS Computational Linguistics

Boise State University
2017 BS Computer Science 

What he likes

• Math problems
• Video game design
• Reading, Writing

How he helps

• Member of Boise State's Speech, Language, and Interactive Machines (SLIM) group