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I remember when you can't


a personal assistant that remembers when you forget


Augmented Intelligence just for you.

Augmented intelligence is a way to help you remember the details about the people you meet which might otherwise be forgotten.  About 5 years ago Jesse moved to Boise Idaho for work and as part of his new gig, he was asked to go to all kinds of events.  At each event he would meet new people, people who did all kinds of cool things.  The problem was he would go to the next event, and see the same people, but he rarely remembered all the details about them.  Sometime he would remember where they worked, or where he had first met them, where they went to school or who was their favorite NFL team.  And sometimes all he could remember was a first name but nothing else.     

So he came up with Augi, the first personal assistant with memory.  Along with Dan and Casey the team turned Augi into a personal chat bot that will take the information about the people you meet and help you remember them the next time you see that person.  It's like a brain, with perfect memory and wicked fast response times, for your brain.  Sweet, huh?    


As you build relationships, the details of someone’s life often become the foundation. Give me the details and I will remember them for you, anytime, anywhere.
— Augi


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